Now At Once - My Johansson

23rd Feb - 24th Feb Echo Echo Studios 8.00pm
New dance performance work by Echo Echo Studios first artist-in-residence of 2018...

Now at once artwork by Barry Davis

Now At Once

Dance Performance.

Now At Once is about letting the body speak, the perishability of movement, about the urgency to move and the fluidity that is there once the noise is filtered through. It's about everyday decisions and the larger ones which help form our path. It's about speaking through the noise and deeply listening to the silence. The perishability of the daily encounters that influence our decisions. The speaking in, of and with silence, filtering through the noise and letting the body be heard, silently, without words, perishable - now at once.

Now At Once is a collaboration with sound and light designer Barry Davis.

Produced and supported by Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company.

Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th February at 8pm

Admission £6

Echo Echo Studios, Magazine Street, Derry-Londonderry


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