What's On

What's On

Body Wisdom

26th Apr - 28th Jun (Weekly) +

Echo Echo Kids Classes

27th Apr - 22nd Jun (Weekly) +

Wing Tsjun Kung Fu (Kids)

13th May - 17th Jun (Weekly) +

Wing Tsjun Kung Fu (Adults)

13th May - 17th Jun +

Echo Echo CI Festival 2019

24th May - 31st May +

Open Class with Ayesha Mailey and Kelly Quigley

28th May - 31st May +

Explosive Movement with Olek Wojcik

28th May - 29th May +

Gentle Movement and Mindfulness with Karen Cassidy

29th May - 30th May +

Open Class with Elise Nuding

30th May +

Fresh Minds Short Course

7th Jun - 28th Jun +

Parent & Toddlers

8th Jun - 15th Jun +

Bucharest Contact Festival (Romania)

14th Jun - 23rd Jun +

Almost Blue by Oona Doherty (Cork)

22nd Jun - 23rd Jun +

Echo Echo Summer Scheme

8th Jul - 12th Jul +

A BOX (Hawk's Well, Sligo) - Culture Night 2019

20th September +

A BOX (Glor, Ennis)

21st September +

Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement 2019

7th Nov - 16th Nov +