Phase 47 by Chico and Shoko

16th Nov - 17th Nov Echo Echo Studios Wed & Thur 8.00pmBook Now
Chico Katsube and Shoko Kashima are dance artists based in Kagoshima, Japan. This is their first visit to Ireland. They will be joined by their colleague and musician Ichi-go Miura

image of Chico and Shoko

Chico and Shoko are dance artists based in Kagoshima, Japan. They are directors of Contact Improvisation Group This company has been performing and touring Contact Improvisation work and organising CI events around the world since its foundation in 2000. Chico and Shoko’s artistic projects aspire to be close to nature and connect with life as a global citizen.

Phase 47 is a structured improvisation dance for many different phases of the space where the body is, and is framed by their bodies and movements. The dancers exist and respond to each other sub- consciously within these phases.  The piece interprets “ body movements as the phenomenon in that space”. Phase 47 will be followed by a short free improvisation duet accompanied by a live musician.

Phase 47 directed and performed by Chico Katsube & Shoko Kashima

Music: recorded improvised piano by Rico,

Duration: Variable – 20-30mins

Improvisation performed by Chico Katsube , Shoko Kashima

Live music by Ichi-go Miura

Duration: Variable – 20 – 40mins

Performances at Echo Echo Studios

Chico and Shoko will perform their work Phase 47 followed by Improvisation performances at Echo Echo Studios:

  • Wednesday 16th November – Echo Echo Studio One, 8pm
  • Thursday 17th November – Echo Echo Studio One, 8pm

Other performances in partnership with local community organisations

Chico and Shoko will perform Improvisation performances on the following days and locations:


Image of Chico and Shoko by Parkkim Hyungjoon.

Echo Echo thanks The Japan Foundation (London) for their support with this project.

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