Open O: Performing Silence with Mary Nunan

20th November St Columb's Park House (am); Echo Echo Studios (pm) Sunday 11am and 8pm

image for Open O

Time sits still - breath moves - someone changes - another angle

a gentle adventure - words follow – later -

a dance you could say - as it is.

Open O is a participatory event. It is a performance without an audience or performers.  A meeting place between performance and reflection, open for everyone. It is an invitation to share space and time in simplicity, silence and reflection, followed by a chance to exchange any thoughts and reflections in words.

Facilitated by Mary Nunan and Monica Spencer. Assisted by Kristyn Fontanella

Open O was devised by Mary Nunan and Monica Spencer.

Duration: 1hr maximum

Seed funded by Milford Care Centre’s Compassionate Communities initiative and supported by Dance Limerick, UL Arts Office, Ralahine Utopian Centre UL, Limerick City Gallery of Art.


Free entry.

Advance booking highly recommended as space is limited. Numbers very limited at St Columb's Park House. Please contact us.

Suggested donation £5

Workshop: Sensation, Surface, Space. 

Sunday 20th November – Mary Nunan

Echo Echo Studio Two | 3pm – 5pm 

This workshop will introduce practices and methods for attuning to Space as a support for movement: to sense Space as a surface – a dancing partner. It will begin with simple warm-up activities and build progressively to more expansive movements. The main point, that we will return to again and again, throughout the workshop, will be to release (as much as possible) those tensions that limit range of movement: to simplify, and at the same time, to clarify movement through an enhanced awareness of Space: to enjoy the sensation of dancing: to feel our own ground within it. The workshop activities will be based on principles and practices drawn from post-modern release-based contemporary dance techniques and improvisation.

Entry £4. Advance booking advised.


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