Festival Dance Picnic

19th November Echo Echo Studios 11.30am-1.30pm
One of our favourite events returns for a special festival edition. Let's dance and eat!

image from Dance Picnic

Festival Dance Picnic

Studio One | Saturday 19th November, 11.30 – 1.30pm

The Dance Picnic is an Echo Echo tradition. This is the place where everyone has the chance to do two wonderful things. Firstly, to dance simple interactive improvisations and circle dances together, and secondly, though no less importantly, to eat nice things. This is an event for all ages and all abilities. Come along with your Dad, your Granny, your toddler, your football team or just on your own. From experience we can say that it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional dancer or four year old ninja turtle or one of those people who always claims to have two left feet. You’ll have lots of fun and you’ll have the pleasure of being told what to do by the marvellous Echo Echo Ensemble artists.

Entry £3 per person. Pay at the door.

About Dance Picnic

Dance Picnic is an opportunity for people of all ages to take part in dance and movement sessions together! No-one is too young or too old.

The project stems from the company's busy participation programme which regularly sees parents, toddlers, children, young adults, elderly and people with disabilities dancing. Artistic Director Steve Batts wanted to see these groups come together and enjoy dance and movement as a group.

This event is a chance to participate in some dancing and movement games within an open space where people can join in when they wish. You can come alone or bring a friend or family member - everyone is welcome. And bring some food for the Picnic!

I loved the Dance Picnic. It was surprisingly good fun to take part in the movement games. As an adult, I always assume games are for the children but it was extremely freeing and thoroughly enjoyable to dance with everyone.

Dance Picnic image

Image from Munch / Tanzfuchs at Echo Echo Festival.

Dance Picnic artwork by Mark Willett.

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