A Box - dance/theatre for very young audiences

20th Nov - 23rd Nov Echo Echo Studios Sunday 3pm; Wednesday 10.30amBook Now
What's in the box? Come and watch this beautiful new show by Antonina Sheina and Zoe Ramsey of Echo Echo. Aimed at very young audiences...

A Box artwork by Tonya Sheina

When you were little every box was a magic box!

You could endlessly hide in the box, put toys and things in it, forget them, and then have the pleasure of re-discovering them later. You could travel through space in the box, or surf the big waves, or glide through the snowstorm, or ride through the woods, or just have a cup of tea, or a snooze there. You could paint it, cut and stick things on it, even make a costume out of it.

Do you remember the excitement when you didn’t know what was inside, and you could hardly wait to open it to find out?

What’s in the box?

This playful children’s dance/theatre performance is suitable for a very young audience aged 2 years and up. Also suitable for grown-ups to help remind them of the importance of fantasy and playing games!


About A Box

Created and Performed by Zoe Ramsey and Antonina Sheina

Set by Richie Hughes

Music: Milonga Brava by Francisco Canaro

Duration: 30mins

Artwork by Antonina Sheina


Performances at Echo Echo Studios

  • Sunday 20th November at 3pm
  • Wednesday 23rd November at 10.30am


Tickets on sale now.

£5 adults and £3 kids, babes in arms free.



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