We are honoured to welcome local and international artists to teach at Echo Echo CI Festival...

Echo Echo CI Festival Teachers 


Virginia Negru (Romania)| Walk your way to Flying | 2 classes 

Virginia Negru image

In these classes I would like to invite you to work on the physical details and technicalities specific to some Contact Improvisation elements like rolling, lifting, sliding. Think of it not as hard, straining work but more as crochet-art-crafting. Taking time, directing the attention, being patient, curious and invested, leaving aside the unnecessary muscle tone. We will start by reconstructing the natural process of learning movement from zero level to standing, through balancing on our structure/points of support, and apply a similar process to finding ways of balancing on partner’s bony structure. So everybody will be able to adapt and add the proposed Contact Improvisation elements, according to his own interest and history of movement. 

About Virginia Negru

I am a dancer, performer, Contact Improvisation teacher, organizer of Contact Improvisation classes & workshops in Romania, and the international CI festival in Bucharest.

My approach in teaching is a mixture of principles and exercises influenced and gathered from many teachers and practices (Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais, Poetic Movement, Ideokinesis, Butoh, Yoga). Since 2006 until this moment my teachers have been: Stephen Batts and Ursula Laeubli, Benno Voorhan and Sybrig Dokter, Catrina Choate, Scott Wells, Ekaterina Ericson, Alexandra Soshnicova and  Serghei Golovnya, Cyrus Khambatta, Nora Hajos, Nancy Stark Smith, Ralf Jaroschinski, Sveta Bird, Sasha Dodo, Bernd Kanppe, Adrian Russi and Manuela Blanchard, Susanne Martin.

Some  intense personal events followed by a traveling period around Europe and USA between years 2011-2015 participating in CI workshops, festivals and jams gave me clarity and courage to start teaching more and share my life perspective through dance.


Ksenia Isaeva (Russia) | Class 1: Released Spirals | Class 2: Spheres of attention

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Released Spirals

To open our movement into 3-dimentional space and to be able to respond to any changing circumstances in the dance...
Closer, further, in and out from contact
Yes, spirals are about movement, reaching and tone... and also how could they be relaxed, released? What kind of quality does it add? Lets explore together. 

Spheres of attention

We dance in space. There is the space of the body and the body in the space. We can play with different spheres of awareness. This is class about our ability to widen and concentrate our attention and how it affects our minds and varies our dance.

Dance with inner sensation: weight, muscles, organs, liquids.
Dance of touch of the skin: with the air, partner, floor.
Dance of the distances between me and partner and our composition in the space. 

About Ksenia Isaeva

I graduated as a structural linguist and before CI did not dance much. I met Contact Improvisation 8 years ago and step by step it pulled me in completely. Now I live in Moscow and travel a lot. Mostly following the dance and a particular dance spirit - Angelica Doniy. I am assisting and teaching - in Russia, Europe and Asia. I love to learn, teach and organise Contact Improvisation events. I am very inspired by such practices as Authentic Movement, Bodywork, Somatics, and with all this I nourish the dance and integrate in my Contact Improvisation practice. Also, I am studying in the Institute for Holistic Dance and Movement pedagogy of Sabine Parzer. My current interest in Contact Improvisation is how to open the field of experiment and exploration... and to be able to let it all go, falling into the pure energy of the dance. 


Yaeli Margalit (Ireland) | "Oh hello back-space, didn’t even see you there." | 2 classes

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These classes will consider that which is always there, though not always noticed—the myriad of possibilities we discard unconsciously on account of habit, fear, ambition or tension. Here we will dance, making room for opportunities through expanding imagination and intuitive choice making. All the while, wholeheartedly inviting "misunderstandings" that bring pleasant surprises. 

About Yaeli Margalit

As an experienced body-mover, remedial massage therapist, yoga and acrobatics teacher, Yaeli is a mishmash of things serious and playful. She’s currently working, dancing and teaching in Dublin while continuing her studies in the Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine, Cork. She takes an intuitive approach to Contact Improvisation, exploring the body’s most efficient, soft and powerful ways of moving in space.


Tonya Sheina and Zoe Ramsey (Northern Ireland)  Watch and being watched | 1 class

Zoe and Tonya image by Living Witness

We will pay attention to each other to help us to understand what we do when we dance; watching rather than witnessing or observing. It is engaged watching, playful, interested and wishing to understand; like children when they are discovering the world around them. We will work in duets as well as in small groups. We will watch each other’s dances to see how they evolve as they move through space and time in order to deepen our intuitive sense of composition. 

About Tonya Sheina

I studied acting in Moscow at Russian University of Theatre Arts. After finishing my study I joined repertoir theatre in Moscow Malaya Bronnaya Theatre in 2007 at the same time discover contact improvisation. I've been regularly practicing Contact Improvisation since then, participating in workshops and festivals including Contact Improvisation Festivals in Moscow, Italy and Israel. From 2011 till present I work with Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company as a performer, teacher and director. I'm very interest in Contact Improvisation as it allow to compose instantly using a very rich movement material, that relates to our everyday 'ordinary' life in a metaphoric way.

About Zoe Ramsey

Zoe Ramsey is currently an ensemble member of Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company performing in a wide range of artistic projects including The Cove (2017), Walk By (2016), Lost in Frost (2016), Ludo Lusi Lusum (2014), Motion Ensemble (2013), Without (2013), The Chess Piece (2010) to name but a few. Zoe teaches regularly and works with adults and children of all ages including Echo Echo’s Moving Schools projects. Zoe graduated from Falmouth University with a BA Hons in Dance Performance. Since graduating she has practiced different movement forms such as Corporeal mime, masked theatre and different martial art practices. Zoe has been performing professionally since 2010 with Echo Echo and other companies such as LUXe Processional Theatre Company and is continuing to develop her artistic practice.


Ayesha Mailey and Kelly Quigley (Northern Ireland) | Poetic Contact | 1 class

Kelly and Ayesha image by Living Witness

This workshop will invite you to embrace the poetic possibilities of people meeting in movement and the rich compositional potential of Contact Improvisation. With each meeting we step into the unknown and embrace the mystery of our connection, allowing the humour, vulnerability and all that we embody, to form the material of our dance. 

About Ayesha Mailey

Ayesha is a freelance contemporary dance artist based in Derry, and the Associate Artistic Director of Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company, as well as a member of the Echo Echo Ensemble. She works as a performer, choreographer, improviser and teacher in the North West of Ireland and further afield. Ayesha is interested in the poetic potential of movement. With this viewpoint, she explores Contact Improvisation with people of all ages and abilities. Ayesha is committed to developing her particular approach to this movement practice through professional and participatory arts projects and workshops.

About Kelly Quigley

Kelly graduated in 2009 with a first class honours degree in Dance from University of Ulster.. She became an ensemble member of Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company the same year and has been teaching, directing, choreographing, performing and writing ever since.. Kelly performs regularly locally, nationally and internationally with her own work and as part of the Echo Echo ensemble, including places such as Hong Kong and Sweden. She also directs Echo Echo's sister company Body Wisdom who also perform regularly in the local performing arts scene.Kelly has been developing her contact improvisation skills under Steve Batts for last 10 years as part of Echo Echo. She has also worked with contact improvisation teachers such as Leilani Weiss, Angelica Doniy, Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergei Golovnya.